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Thursday, March 3, 2011

When all else fails put a bandaid on it!

Oh WHAT A MESS!!! I finally bought some Aleene's jewelry metal glue for my beaded stick pin swap I joined recently! I couldn't get the darn  thing out of the package for the life of me. I know I am getting weaker in the arms now that I am doing office work (mostly crafts..but don't tell my boss) but I couldn't get the glue out of the packaging. So yes I did it, I broke out the scissors. Had the package open and then noticed glue everywhere I thought at first that I had bought a defective package but then the package was stuck to my hands. This stuff dries fast!! I had a mess on my hands, literally! I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to find my alcohol hoping it will work... then when I looked where it should have been I remembered my new kitten was climbing around over there and sure enough behind the nightstand. With glue all over my hands and paper stuck to one as well I had to stretch over the chest and behind to get this bottle and then when I used it.. no luck. I tried everything finger nail polish remover, my husbands Fast Orange which cleans engine grease off your hands nothing worked. I can tell you I can't stand the feeling of glue on my hands.  What a weird feeling. Either I am use to it now or it has worn off some today but it isn't as bad now. After I realized my hands were going to have glue on them there's nothing more I can do at that moment I used what glue I could salvage from the mess.. I know I am so thrifty! I used what I could to glue some beaded stick pins. When finished I sure was disappointed thinking I have to buy another bottle of glue I ruined this one it will be all dried up. Then I had this brilliant idea to put a band-aid on it! It worked the glue is still good today. Maybe it's sealed itself off? I am hoping to get a lot more beaded stick pins together out of this bottle!
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