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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oozak shipment has arrived!!!

Oh Yippee skoodly doodly day!!! My day has been a stressful one to say the least. To brighten up my stressful day my door bell rings and it's my 1st  Oozak order!! I have been having lots of problems with my fiskar cutter giving me the rough worn edges, okay it looks good for some projects but I think I am just picky and want a clean cut most of the time and I am not getting that with my fiskars unless I keep a stock supply of blades. I just tear up to much paper for those blades, I guess.

I asked for suggestions and the above cutter was suggested to me from Jody another one of the ladies I design with at The Outlawz and boy, oh boy is it nice!! It is taking a little getting use to a rotary blade putting pressure when I have been trying so hard not to apply pressure on my old cutter. But I like it!!! Plus 10 more design blades!! Fun fun fun!!
As you can see I also purchased a few Copic markers as well. We had a challenge at The Outlawz that week and it made me take a look at my collection of markers and realize.. I need these colors!!! Lol!

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