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Friday, March 4, 2011

Anysoldier.com - Spring/Easter Card Swap Update

The due date for the Spring/Easter card swap was March 1st 2011. This was the second time I volunteered to be the hostess with the most-est!! My first swap to host was the Thanksgiving card swap. Being that it was my first time I was so nervous I wouldn't get 20 peeps to sign up and boy let me tell you I was panicked to the end. This time around I had my 20 lined up, but 2 went MIA. It happens sometimes, but why me? No really it was no big deal I was lucky enough to have one person send me a set of blank cards in a package and another person sent me 5 extra cards in their bundle so I was still able to make a set for each of the MIA gals in case they pop in within  the next day or two, their sets will be shy a few since I had to make up the difference for the other swappers sets but they will still get an assortment. And if I do not hear from them, you ask? Then I will enclose the sets I have set back for them in my next care package out to the units I randomly selected to help at Anysoldier.com. It is a win, WIN! I ended up dividing out over 400 cards! So glad I decided to buy that long white folding card table!
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