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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beads, beads, and more beads!

Beads on pins reminds me of what we use to call friendship pins when I was in middle school. Friendship pins were safety pins with beads on them and you would put them on your shoe strings and what not. Your friends were to make them and the more pins you had the more friends you had. I loved those friendship pins! :D Recently, I was invited to join a beaded pin swap for Crafter's Digital Art Center. The theme of the swap
The beaded corsage pins are to have a Spring Theme. I have made over 34 pins, have my 18 already but as I sit and look at them more and more and  I read about all the ways to make these pins even more customized. I find myself taking them apart and making them even better! I have been searching for ways to package them into 3's. If you have any blog links or video tutorials to share feel free to post in my comments! Keep your eyes open for the finished pins to be posted soon!
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