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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smokin' Ribs!!

Today we smoked four slabs of ribs and some corn. When the ribs were about an hour from being finished the control panel went out. We took it off and noticed condensation in it as well as moisture where it was attached to the smoker. My hubby suggested we blow dry the control panel and pray it will come back to life. Between blow drying and a couple smacks on the side by my Italian hubby it started working again. We were able to finish smoking the ribs but decided we should not reattach the control panel to it designated spot.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Smokin' Brisket!

Mmmm how the smell is driving me crazy!! My husband knows how much I love Brisket and he loves his smoked ribs so we decided we would spend our Memorial weekend smoking some meats!! We picked up an electric smoker so there is no fire to really tend to. It is amazing even I can smoke meat!! The money we will save not going out to eat!! Invited my brother and his family over to be some taste testers of our food. If it tastes as good as it smells I think we hit a home run! 

Well by noon the probe reads way to high, and then the Control panel quit working and the unit was no longer heating the meat. It was losing temperature and I had only 6 degrees internal temp to go before it was done. My husband exchanged the control panel for the one at the store ont he display model. I will be so upset if this one is messed up to. Not to mention the rage that will come out of my Italian husband I feel sorry for the smoker if it decides to screw with us.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet 16

My daughter is celebrating a birthday soon. My husband and I agreed since our son is almost eighteen and we couldn't buy him a car that it just would not be right to get our daughter a car. So instead my husband had this crazy idea of a bedroom makeover. He feels boys do not have "Sweet 16" birthdays. She has been wanting her Dad to build her a bed for so long. She's 16 and a twin bed just won't work for her anymore. I don't know what the problem is. I slept in a twin up till my twenties. But she thinks she needs a bigger bed. Last weekend we purchased the new full mattress set and a TV for her room. She's been without a television in her room a few years, her last TV stopped coming on for some reason. We painted her room together. The last 4 days I have been working on her room. We painted the walls, trim, hung up blinds, the wall art, and I cleaned the carpets. As soon as her drapes arrive via UPS we will get them up. As for the custom bed that my husband, and our two boys are going to make for our daughter; it is still in the works. The Applique moldings arrived today and we hope to see something by this weekend.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Daughter Monkeys Around

I was so pleased with how my daughter's card turned out. She's a natural! I spend hours and hours researching cards for inspiration. My daughter grabs up the ribbon, scissors and stamps and whips a card up in no time! I told her how much I loved it and it would be a great card for the Anysoldier.com card swap and she was not impressed that I was not intending on keeping her work of art. Uh oh I'm in the hot seat! I let her know we have so many more cards to make together!

Bunny Hugs Wood Mounted Stamp

I just loved how this card turned out! I don't know a lot about this stamping onto cards stuff. I dab the stamp in ink and stamp it onto paper. Who knew it would have so many more things to it than that! My husband wanted to play with the embossing stuff and he suggested I emboss over my stamped images just to try it out. I am always afraid to try something I haven't researched. But he did it and it looked so much better to me! I have been embossing everything after that!

Birthday Card Challenge - Due May 13th

Okay so I found a birthday card challenge on Stamp Something blog. It was just in time for a friends birthday. So I thought I would make the card in a shade of violet her favorite color. I wanted to try all my new embossing stuff I received for Mother's Day. I whipped the card up and debated for days if I needed to add more to it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend!

Mother's Day weekend was a hit for me! My husband spent some money on my newest craft project of stamping cards. He's like a lady in a shoe store! He wanted to buy everything. I was disappointed Hobby Lobby seemed to have ended their 50% off of rubber stamp sale right before Mother's Day weekend so we paid full price for everything. My husband wanted me to have the embossing kit and by Monday I needed more supplies and wouldn't you know the store would be having another 50% off sale! My husband picked me up some colored ink pads, distress ink pads he was buying all kinds of things I didn't even need. I had to return 50 dollars worth of items that he bought at full price so I still feel as if I made out okay. I wasn't feeling well all weekend or I would have went shopping for my self. He took my daughter and between the two of them they really did very well. He said he got off cheap for Mother's Day this year.  My son's girlfriend brought me a potted flower for Mother's Day. She is a nice girl. I need to make her a Thank You card!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finished 40 - 4th of July cards!

My first set of 20 -4th of July cards for the Anysoldier.com card swap. I thought I wouldn't have time to hand make my own cards  so I started by printing 20 cards from MSWorks program. After finishing these cards and 20 letter inserts I realized I could take on another set of handmade cards.

Here they are!
My first Pop-Up cards! I just love how they turned out! Thanks again to Cricut Critters for this wonderful idea!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I discovered Inkadinkado stamps!

It all started one morning while I was searching the internet for some 4th of July card inspiration. I have noticed how some handmade cards have stamped colored images and it seems to be a big thing among card makers. I admit I thought it looked a little more professional than just using cut papers and forming them into a layout. So I took a trip to my local arts & crafts store which is Hobby Lobby. I bought my first set of Inkadinkado Toadily Happy set of frog stamps. I played with a few stamps but something made me want more stamps. I took another trip to Hobby Lobby and bought another set of stamps. Before I new it i was searching Ebay. Yes Ebay. I know I am in trouble now. I won my first two sets of Inkadinkado stamps. I am waiting on their arrival to my doorstep. Projects will be posted as they are finished.