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Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanksgiving card Swap at Anysoldier.com

I am so proud of myself I finished my 20 cards and letter inserts for the card swap that I am hosting. My card idea came from a card I designed for one of the Color Combo challenges I participated in at Simply Scrapping.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Card Corner Challenge

The Sketch 


Here's what I created from the sketch. I had wished I didn't add the blue rose on top but it was to late to change once it was placed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

BacktoSchool Challenge 2010 - Grand Prize Winner is...

ME!! I know I can't believe it myself. When I entered the challenges I had no idea that there were even prizes to be won. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and make cards I wouldn't normally have thought of for my Anysoldier.com card swaps. By doing these challenges I have realized something, I'm not so bad! Lol! I kind of like some of my cards! I wish I would have discovered these challenges before my last card swap. It was the All Occasion swap I think I have surpassed  a set of 20 cards. I have always been artistic I colored my parents siding in Crayola's as a young child. They so badly needed my design expertise at 4 years old or at least an Extreme Makeover show in the 70's! I remember my mother had this old table cloth that was like a plastic feeling matierial and I would place a piece of paper on top of it and rub my crayons on it to get the impression of the flowers on the cloth onto my paper. Not sure what I wanted the embossed crayon notebook paper for, but I liked it! I have had my Cuttlebug machine for 2 months now, I had no idea that they had a machine to give me embossed effects! So Great! I think it is my new best friend! Last Fall my bestie was the Cricut machine, I feel I have moved up! I will admit though I have tried to incorporate cut out images from the Cricut into my cards. To be honest I try to use up as much stuff as I can that I already have so that I can feel better about needing/buying new stuff! Speaking of new stuff, I have been saving for years to make a scrapbook and the piles are only getting bigger. I do not know why I am intimidated by making an entire scrapbook but intimidate -  eliminate because I won the Grand Prize for the Back to School Challenge 2010 at Simply Scrapping Crafts! I cannot wait to make a Scrapbook with this AWESOME prize!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Card Challenge Week #3

September Card Challenge Week #3

White- Image printed on white paper
Holly- Ribbon
Gold- Design in Ribbon
Brown- Layout on Brown card

Vintage- The picture is a Vintage Christmas photo

Used Icicle Stickles for some sparkle on the sleigh and the reindeer harnesses

Color Combo Challenge

Color Combo Challenge Week #2

The cut out image of the cross and the couple are from Cricut cartridges. I had them in a box wondering when I could use them  for something.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Color Combo Challenge

Color Combo Challenge September Week # 1

My love for Monkeys goes way back to childhood. When my favorite stuffed Monkey was left in the rain and my mother made me throw him away. I cried so hard for I had lost my best friend.

Stamp & Scrap Challenge

 Stamp & Scrap Challenge September Week 4 Challenge

Make a card using the "Stamp & Stitch" technique.

My embroidery thread  came in handy for this challenge.  I was taught some basics of embroidery by hand when I was 10 years old by my step Grandmother, Georgia Dessie. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Pom Squad

Canon Rebel T1i- No Flash ISO 200
This is my precious Bambi. The youngest of my three Pom Poms.  I received her as a Christmas present two years this Coming Christmas. She is the gift that keeps on giving...lol!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Combo Challenge

Color Combo Challenge September Week # 3

For this challenge I decided to use the stamp I have in mind for making my 20 Anysoldier.com Thanksgiving cardsI am glad I did! I think I have the perfect layout for the cards!

Also submitted in  this challenge:

Card Corner Challenge

Card Corner Challenge Week #1
 Challenge is to use PINS on your cards.
In my card for the pin I used an angel hat pin, the ribbon I received on a vase full of flowers from my husband and had it stashed in my craft box.

Crappy Birthday

I found this idea on the web and changed it up! Doesn't everyone have someone in their family that this gift works perfectly for? Well I have the perfect older brother to give this to! I can't wait to hear about his reaction!

There is a roll of  Charmin toilet tissue wrapped up with this special Birthday greeting attached.

Card Corner Challenge Week #2

Challenge: Use (a) pleated accent(s) on your card!

So happy to use up some more of my left over cutouts from when I first received my Cricut machine! I thought I had to cut everything out on one sheet. So I have lots of bells, soldiers and candy canes to use up!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekly Challenges

Stamp & Scrap September Week #3- Faux Suede

In this card I thought this cute little baby shoe stamp would be great in suede! I border punched brown card stock for the lace effect, stamped colored and embossed the bear stamped image, and used my Cuttlebug for the die cut of the phrase.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekly Challenges

Stamp & Scrap September Week 2 - The Sketch

The Twist:
Use at least 3 of the same stamped image AND add bling (any type as long as it sparkles) on your card, layout or project.  Your chosen stamp can be layered if you prefer.

 Here's what I came up with for this challenge.

In this card I used the lady bug stamp as my stamped image use of three times and for the bling I added rhinestones on the back of the ladybugs, there's also some bling in that sparkly ribbon!

Weekly Challenges

Stamp & Scrap September Week 1 

This card is my entry for the challenge. It was my first ever attempt at making an accordion flower.  Definitely has some imperfections but I plan to use this technique in the future so I will be getting more practice! ;). 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Crop Challenge 13

Period 13: HISTORY

In this card I used a border punch for the pine trees, a stamp for the bicycle, the sun and the sentiment.

Crop Challenge 8

Period 8: Literature Class

 Challenge is to create a card, layout or project with ANYTHING related to books....book pages, quote from a book, image OF books, anything you can think of. 

For my book related image I used photo copied pages and torn them into strips, stamped the image, the phrase and  colored with prisma color markers.

Crop Challenge 1

Period 1: Back to School Shopping

Challenge is to make a scrapbook layout, card, or other paper crafting project inspired by your memories of BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING!

Okay so my card doesn't really say shopping... but it is my take on going back to school and bringing forth the best in you! 

Crop Challenge 15

Period 15 : Lunch

CHALLENGE-  Treat Sack

Step 1:cut a paper of your choice,mine was 8x3 inches in size
step2:fold your paper perfectly in half
step3:Using your double sided tape,add tape to the side edges on the inner side, of one half of your folded paper
step4:refold your paper adhering the tape to create a pocket.then holding both sides of the pocket,gently push them together forcing a slight opening for your pocket
step5:choose your decorations to adorn the front of your sac.I chose to use an apple form this past weeks creative corner challenge(a 3-d nestled shape).Adhere your objects,and decorate to your liking.Once teh front is decorated(and back also if wished for),cut and add a ribbon adhering to th very top inner area of your sac(this is for hanging purposes
Step6:fill and enjoy

In my sack of treats I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder for the bat and the pumpkin face tossed in a pack of Kool-Aid and a straw.

Crop Challenge 2

Period 2: School Supplies
You have just received the following list from your teacher,
incorporate or use at least 4 of these items on your card, project or
layout. Be creative & have fun.

When posting, please tell use which supplies you used.

1. Markers
2. Notebook
3. Paper Clips or Staples
4. Ruler
5. Scissors
In my card I used:
1. Ruler- Background
2. Notebook- Notebook paper
3. Paperclips or staples-staples used to attach the notebook paper
                                            paperclip as an embellishment
4. Markers- Colored the stamped image 

Crop Challenge 9

Period 9: Algebra

Solve this equation: a + b + x = y

a is Paper
b is ink
x is your choice y is a handmade flower

So this challenge is to make a handmade flower using paper, ink and another element of your choice.  *BONUS - Extra Credit for having a number somewhere on your project!!

My inked paper flowers started off white and then I used distressed ink on them and embellished them with a blue rhinestone, added some silky flowers stamped the phrase, used my Cricut machine for the birds and added some little rhinestone eyes . 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crop Challenge 5

Period 5: Languages

- Use a language that is not your native language on your project.
In this card the language I chose is Italian. Amore means Love. I used Cricut machine for the couple the heart and the scalloped circle, a border punch for the lace look and stamped the phrase on some purple metallic ribbon.

Crop Challenge 3

Period 3: Art Class

CHALLENGE-  I want you to take inspiration from this piece and interpret it any way you like. You can use the colors, the paint, the layout.. let your imagination flow..

In this card I used my distressed ink pads for the unique torn paper, and a new stamp I won on a blog hop challenge, I embellished the pockets with rhinestones.

Crop Challenge 7

Period 7: Music Class 

Think of your all time favorite song,and using the title of this song,or a line in the song and use it within your project of choice as your title or sentiment.

My card is inspired by the song "I love a rainy night" by Eddie Rabbit

Crop Challenge 6

Period 6- Detention

  Here you must create a card, layout or project where you repeat the sentiment or title, 3 or more times.

In this card I used a wood mounted Santa stamp, a Pine tree border punch, a snowflake punch, Cuttlebug embossing snowflake folder, a piece of thread to drape the ornaments and my Cricut machine for the ho ho ho and the bells.

Crop Challenge 11

Period 11: Chemistry Class

Using the Period Table of Elements pictured below, your challenge is to pick one element and use the letters of its symbol to create a formula for your layout, card or project.  
He = Helium
The letter H = "Happy Birthday" sentiment
The letter e = Elegant style
Zr = Zirconium
The letter Z = Zoo theme
The letter r = Rhinoceros
For this card the formula I used is:

Na - Sodium N=Nature as in the tree branch
                        a= Animal for the Owl

Re-Rhenium R= Ribbon

                        e= Embossing folder for the Moon

In this card I used my Cricut machine for the owl and the tree branch, Cuttlebug Polka dot embossing folder, the stamped phrase from Hero Arts.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crop Challenge 14

Period 10 Home Ec: Twisted Fabric Flowers

This is my take on the Twisted Fabric flower challenge. I used some type of scrap red silky fabric for the flower and the glue gun, my Cricut machine for the scalloped oval, my Cuttlebug for the polka dot & the Birds and swirls embossing folder, a border punch and the stamped phrase from TPC studio clear stamps and some ribbon.

Crop Challenge 10

Back to School Challenge Period 10: Shop Class

You must make a card, layout or project that includes some type of metal AND an item found in your home.  The item found in your home does not have to be metal, but if it is, you will get an extra credit point for another chance in the prize drawing for this class. 

On my card the metal I have is in the chain that was made into a belt as well as the beads are metal. I  found the beads in a drawer from a broken bracelet. I also found the ribbon in the same junk drawer! I used a border punch, and the girl I cut from my Cricut machine using the Sure Cuts Alot program.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hostessing Anysoldier.com Thanksgiving Card Swap!

It is official I have posted my first thread on the topic at Anysoldier.com. Card swappers are being added to the list almost daily. The goal to reach is 20 card makers to make 20 cards each to swap and send to a soldier. I have a stamp picked out for my Thanksgiving cards and  Now to come up with ideas. Oooh la la! 
Projects are on hold till I finish painting my kitchen. I don't know what came into me over Labor Day weekend.