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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's On My Desk?

What's On My Desk? Well as I type this I hear little kids chanting "What's On My Desk?!!"  It's like my own theme in my head of course to my post to boost up my energy and write it with enthusiasm. :D

Yesterday, after having lunch with my hubby at our favorite Mexican joint in town, we headed over to one of my NEW favorite stores of all time... lol.. Bed Bath and Beyond!! I know I don't get out much! But I will tell you the very few times I make it to this store I see SOOOO much I want to buy! My husband was with me and he's worse than I am.. somehow he ended up with a Soda Making Machine! Just when we are trying not to drink soda and have as much soda pop in the house...lol! Oh well it makes him happy. He said he always wanted one... lol! The Root Beer's not bad. It's likes Shasta Root Beer in my opinion, he swears it's just like A&W so I won't burst his bubble. :)

So any hoot! Guess what is just right across the parking lot from Bed Bath and Beyond? Paper Arts! My local scrappers supply store! Oh yes! I wish I stopped there first! I felt so bad for as much we spent at the last store that I was just getting what I needed sticky tape stuff. I ordered some from BenFranklin stores online on Sept 8th, still have not received it, I couldn't do any paper crafting! So I stopped in Paper Arts and on my desk you will see on top of my tiny green shopping bag, my new sticky tape! I have never tried it but the owner of the store gave me an entire tutorial right then and there on all the sticky stuff I  bought. I felt odd with hubby right behind me but I didn't want to be rude, she was eager to teach me and I am eager to learn! Luckily his phone rang so he stepped outside. As I was checking out I seen it something I have been wanting to try and still haven't! Liquid pearls! AAAAAAaaah! I am so happy! Already used it on my newest project that I am working on. It's on my desk, on top of my paper cutter.

On my desk you will also find another rather large package going out, Flat Stanley waiting to go site seeing, peeking out behind my hand crafted clay name plate that Deanna, a dear friend, she made for me back in high school days. Peeking behind it is my newest Crafter's Digital Art Center Digi of a piglet for the Progressive Challenge! It is getting messier by the minute! Wait till my next posting! Lot's of projects going on in the future! Lots of messes to make! Weeeeeee!
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