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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's On My Desk?

Tonight I wanted to try something new on my blog to fill in some of that dreaded blog space  you know the space between blog posts! Well who is willing to show off their desks after crafty time fun? I cleaned mine up tonight so I guess I cheated by posting my finished cleaned up version, but who wouldn't want to start their first messy desk post with a nice clean desk. You'll see as I make future posts of "What's On My Desk?" what kind of mess I get into during crafty time fun! I thought it might be fun to share so let's see what happens! :D

On my desk tonight, I have my donated cards to send to Trina my newest Martha Stewart Living Magazine, my newest card in purple that I made to apply for a designer position ando On my corkboard you may see a card you made if your a friend or blog follower of mine that has sent me a card! I decided to post them on my cork board as inspiration. I have more to pin so maybe in the next photo you will see a card you made for me. ;)

I had a hard time being able to get a picture taken of  What's on my desk tonight I had a visitor that wanted to be the center of attention... 

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