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Friday, May 6, 2011

Dirt Bike Birthday

My daughter is so funny. She asked me to spend my day making her guy friend a birthday card instead of cleaning carpets and the rest of the chores I had planned for the day. ;) So, I spent my day fussing with the Cricut machine only to discover the reason my paper kept moving around was because I was not using my mat. Ugh! Wasted half of my last sheet of 12x24 black card stock over this. It took me that long to figure it out. Then, I was trying to make the card a dirt bike theme but with checkered flags and it wasn't turning out, I didn't take in consideration the silhouette of the dirt biker would not stand out. Black on black. So I went another route. But when my daughter gets home she doesn't like that I placed a bow on it and the fact that the background was a light blue sparkly paper. So she left it behind only to return to pick the card back up. She was afraid it would be to girly and that he wouldn't like it. But since they already new about it of course they wanted to at least see it and decide for them selves. She said he really liked it.

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