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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sock It To Me!

Isn't this the cutest project! It is socks! What a great way to give socks!  I have been thinking of so many great people to give something like this to! When I gave birth to my first born almost 19 years ago, someone in the hospital brought all the new mother's  small ivy starter plants. I thought it was so cute and such a great idea! This Sock It To Me gift would be great too don't you think as a new mother gift! Mine has Dr. Scholl's socks with rubber grippy stuff that feels so weird! You just want to keep touching it!

Another great gift receiver of this item is to give them out at nursing homes. I really always think & pray about everyone staying there do they have any family left, are they visited often, were they forgotten. It makes me sad. I have never known really anyone in my family that have lived long enough to be placed in a nursing home, I guess there is some positive things to that, I never had to see the sadness in their faces, or the loneliness.  I take that back my Grandmother had Alzheimer's and was living with my Uncle when she was sent to a nursing home. I will tell you she seemed happier than I had ever seen her in my life. She seemed sane, I mean that with all do respect but she was off a bit and I know where I get my crazy side. Any how, she was fixing her hair and even put on lipstick when we visited. She had a boyfriend in the nursing home too. I can't believe I almost forgot all about that moment in time. But I worry about when they don't feel so happy, receiving something like this Sock it to Me gift would bright anyone's day! Plus the recipient can keep the socks in the cup at all times when they are clean so they know where to find them! :D

Okay so how can you make one of these? I know I am very long winded when I am excited about a project! Go to CDAC for the tutorial!
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