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Friday, April 15, 2011

Found my HAPPY PANTS!!

My Thursday started out great! I woke up early. I even cooked breakfast for my daughter before she went to school. I know some people do that everyday but I haven't been. I felt great about it too! My hubby went to work today so I was able to color with my Copics and finish lots of projects! My hubby even took me to lunch and ate Salmon, YUM! It was all going so well. But not everyone can handle staying happy for very long and before you know it my HAPPY PANTS were ripped from me.

Of course it was basicly over something small. The hubby still doesn't know after 17 years where to find cleaning rags or he just wanted someone as in me to get it for him. I don't know but somewhere in the translation it turned for the worse. Every thing is fine now we had a little spat, but it took the creative flow right out of me. I clean up my work space really well when I am not so happy.

But then it all changed when I finally sat down to read my email. I FOUND MY HAPPY PANTS!  That's right I was sent an email and it all changed, I went to THE OUTLAWZ. There it was in the Greeting Card Challenge, just under my name it reads Co-leader!!! YAY for me!! IF I wasn't already giving away Blog Candy I would give some away to celebrate my promotion!! Thank you Colleen, The OUTLAWZ, and all of my followers for giving me confidence in creating everyday that I can! :D

I know to some it's just a title, but I take advantage of the joy I find in things. I live each day as it comes, and I really try to enjoy life!  So if you need a pair of HAPPY PANTS which pair would you wear the polka dots or the swirlies? :D
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