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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hostessing Spring/Easter Card Swap

That's right you read it correct! I am hostessing my 2nd time around for the Spring/Easter card swap at Anysoldier.com

The card swap idea is pretty simple.  One person signs up to be the "hostess" - this means that  ALL cards will be sent to him/her to be divided and redistributed.  The hostess will set the due date which is March 1st for the Spring/Easter Swap and the number of participants she would like to have.  The number of cards needed is usually 20. The due date is about 4-6 weeks before the holiday or season we will be celebrating.  Then, hopefully, 20 participants sign up.  Now for the cards themselves........... I have seen homemade cards, store bought cards, computer generated cards, postcards, bookmarks, all kinds of cards.  What you decide to do is totally your choice.  I make my cards because I enjoy doing the crafts.   Again, totally up to you. The cards go into unsealed envelopes - we like to look at the cards before we ship them out :)  You can write a message in the cards or insert a note - that way the soldiers can reuse the cards and send them back to the States.  Some junkies include pictures, jokes, funnies, a single packet of drink mix, etc.  If you decide to add something extra, just make sure it's small and flat.  Otherwise, the cards won't fit in the flat rate envelopes.  I include a typewritten letter, thanking the warriors and telling them a little about myself and how I got involved in "anysoldier".  When your cards are completed, put them in a ziploc baggie in a flat rate Priority envelope ($4.95) and write DO NOT BEND on outside of envelope send off to the hostess. Remember to included a $4.95 stamp, cash, check or money order to cover the return postage and a return addressed label. When the hostess receives all the cards from the participants, she will sort them and then mail them back.  You will now have 20 different cards (actually 19 - one of the cards you receive back will be yours).  Then you send them to your soldiers as a group or individually.
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