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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Discovery Stamping

I have been researching like crazy! Looking over card  after card over the internet. I scored the mother load of stamps on Ebay. I thought I was really getting a great deal until I received them that's when i realized I could have spent the money on stamps I picked out for myself instead of a LOT of 22 packages of stamps of various types that I may not ever use. Oh well lesson learned I hope. I was in a shopping trance. Some ladies are like that with shoes. I am like that with Peanuts collectibles and now stamps. It is a fun project. I finally found a craft project my daughter will actually get involved in. She loves coloring the stamped images. I tend to make sets of 20 cards at a time for the Anysoldier.com card swaps. It is hard to keep her interested in coloring 10 of the same image. But some how she was finished with her set before I was finished with mine. She checked out a few more stamps and colored them. Fine with me, I will use the images in future cards! 

Did I finally find a hobby for my soon to be 16 year old?
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