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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

March with Modern Wagoneerr Sam

This beautifully designed layout although I take a crooked photograph. I found at Let's Scrap challenge site. I have less than a month to finish my scrapbook and I feel like I am so far behind that I may not make it! But at least I am taking in some crafty time fun! That has been my main focus lately searching for new places, sites, and groups to join in some fun challenges and make some new crafty friends as well as take on a challenge or two!

I recently was searching for a paper challenge site where the groups are not stagnant like at Paper Craft Planet. Don't get me wrong my current design team Digistamps4Joy has a group located at Paper Craft Planet but most of the groups at PCP have been stagnant not just for months, some haven't had a topic for years. I sent the owner of the site Suzanne Boyd a message about this, her advice rather than delete these groups and clean up house at her Ning site, was for me to step right in to the groups and get them fired up again. Why would I want to step on someone's toes and just start taking over their group? That just doesn't seem right to me.

 I joined  a couple groups at PCP and I started taking on old stagnant challenges, some groups it encouraged others to start chatting again but others not a word, just silence. I found a challenge group I thought I could possibly kick start into gear, but being that it was started by someone else I decided to send her a message asking if she would relinquish her group to me. That didn't work out, the group has been silenced so long that I never received a response. 

I found the Anything Goes group which isn't really anything goes challenges that I have noticed it is mostly Random Happies, where you send someone from that group a random greeting card, and they also do Holiday card swaps where you pick a silly holiday in the month you join and send cards to group members. I joined Anything Goes and the Cuttle-buggers group.  The cuttle-buggers started to clear the cob webs and get it going again.. YAY!

Feel free if you have a challenge site that you think I may want to try out please let me know in my comments section! I would love to stop by!
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