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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

I received the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award from my dear online friend Roxann. What a sweetheart to think of me! I am so flattered! I cannot wait to send this award to 7 of my crafty friends online. I have made it a daily routine to check on my crafty friends and really try wholeheartedly to stay in touch with all my blogging friends!As Roxann said on her blog I also "can't stand to be out of touch with any of you! I too, wish we all lived within a couple of hours drive so we could get together and craft our little hearts out!"
The key is to give this to 7 Sweet Blogging friends and try to not duplicate the special winners on the list of who awarded this special gift to you. I hope that makes sense. On that note I will tell you the 7 Irresistibly Sweet Blogging friends I have chosen!

 Brenda @  http://brenscraps.blogspot.com/

Colleen @ http://cardsdelight.blogspot.com/

Dana @ http://danasinspirations.blogspot.com/

AnnFran @ http://annfran9093.blogspot.com/

Crystal @  http://crystalkbk.blogspot.com/

Maureen @ http://stampandscrapwithmaureen.blogspot.com/

Amy @ http://amybeansblog.blogspot.com/

 If you pass this along, add 7 things about yourself

    •   I love BIG TRAIN  Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino's! Mmmmmm!
    •   I love being silly, dancing, and bringing smiles to everyone's faces.
    •   My hobbies have helped me with self worth, and has helped me gain some confidence.
    •   I love road trips, day trips and long drives if everyone in the car is in a good mood. ;)
    •   I love camping, RV shows, and enjoy fishing as long as my hubby baits the hook and takes my fish off for me. :D
    •   I really enjoy retail therapy, makes me feel good!
    •   I love fixing up the house, whether its painting, or putting in new tile, I love Home Projects!

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