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Sunday, February 6, 2011

WINNER of the Love Award!!

Wow, what an exciting boost to the ego! I couldn't help but boast to my husband about how someone actually really reads/views my blogs and has given me such a blessing of happiness today for thinking of me! The counter isn't the same as actually having a comment left on one of your posts! 

Isn't it funny how your having one of those days and then someone you don't even know says or does something and your day just becomes so much brighter in an instant. This opportunity of receiving and sharing the LOVE AWARD seriously has made my day.. Thank you so much Chrissy at Chrissy's Cardland for thinking of me. I truly am feeling just giggly inside about this! I wasn't kidding when I wrote on Chrissy's blog that I had done my silly little "happy" dance over such sweet comments!

By accepting this award there are a few rules to follow.

First, to post this award on your blog and let the senders know that you have accepted their award in your post and then choose 3-5 people to send this love on.

When you have posted your Love list, let those people know that you have sent them this award through your blog.

I know it will not be easy picking only 5, I love so many different blogs. Can I hear a drum roll please....




Thank you all so much for inspiring me to not only begin a blog but to step out of my crafty comfort zones and try new things! I love all of your blogs, you truly have inspired me so much!!

Angela B.
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