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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Copic Marker Classes

I have joined in a Copic marker class. I never realized I would have so much trouble coloring. I love to color and I have always been so good at it.. until now. I am hoping to get a lot out of this free class! I am so thankful for web sites and these wonderful ladies for giving me the opportunity to learn something from them. So our 1st assignment was basically learning what markers to purchase that make good blending families and even with that info I still didn't buy the exact right shades on my trips to Hobby Lobby. Which led me to another purchase of markers from Carpe Diem for $3.95 a marker, a steal compared to what I had to pay at Hobby Lobby! Yet again I did better this time around but ended up purchasing two of the same colors I already had. For my first coloring assignment I submitted my first picture didn't hold back.

I wasn't feeling it with the markers they seem so loose on the tips I am use to stiffer cheap markers.. like Crayola! :) But I submitted my assignment above and the teach Lisa suggested I color from dark to light on the dress and I looked at the other classmates submissions and I tried again...

I felt much better about the way my dress looked on my second try.  

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