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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anysoldier.com Christmas Card Swap

For my first set of cards I asked all my family and friends on Facebook if they had any left over cards from years previous that they don't mind parting with. Would they mind donating them to me for the swap. Lucky for me... I had one response out of at least 140 peeps in my friends list that were willing to send me her old cards.

I want to give a BIG Thank you to Rose!

 A long time friend, she is REMARKABLE!! I received the BIGGEST box of cards from her! I never expected to receive that many and all from one person! She is so AWESOME!

So I split two  sets of the cards she sent to make a set of 20 for my first set. Then for the second set she had sent me some cards that are for Christmas photos I turned some old Christmas card advertisements into new and improved cards! Take a looksy at what I came up with for my 2 sets of cards to donate for the Christmas card swap that Amy is hosting!

set 1
set 2

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