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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Halloween cards - Anysoldier.com card swap

Where have I been you might be asking yourself if you are following my blog. I have been trying to come up with ideas for Halloween cards to give the soldiers to send to their loved ones. This next swap I entered is the Halloween/Fall card swap. This October will be my 1st Anniversary for sending cards to the troops. My first set of cards were printed off my computer. After receiving my first set of cards from the swappers I wanted to do more. I was hand drawing up my own cards for the Christmas swap when my husband told me of a machine he seen at 3 AM on an infomercial. He told me we needed to head to the Hobby store and get me one. I didn't even kick start the scrapping card monster he created, it just flowed out of me ala' natural. :) I was not only creating for the soldiers at Christmas, Valentines, Spring and Summer but I ended up making all my own Christmas, Anniversary, and Birthday cards for family and friends. The addiction of the Cricut machine has blossomed into much more. I am considering attending a Scrapbook class this weekend at a local Scrapbook supply store!

So to what I was blogging about. Lol! Here's some of my first few Halloween creations!

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