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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cookies for Santa Charger

Hey there friends and followers! 
My daughter sends me a text Thursday afternoon, "I need a gift for Dirty Santa for my Christmas Party at work!I have no money, what can I do?" I replied, "How about a plate/charger that says Cookies for Santa?" she replies "That would be cute, do you have a charger?" and what do you know, I just so happen to have a couple I have been saving for this very project idea! I whipped up the design with my Silhouette Cameo software, and within minutes and a few air headed mistakes we had her gift ready to go! She texts me later in the evening to tell me she is keeping the plate for her self, and not going to stay at the party very long. LOL! I knew she wouldn't want to give it away. This year is her first Christmas not only in her own apartment with her own tree, but with her boyfriend! I told her I was glad she didnt because I would like to add reindeer names going around the edge. I had been thinking of it every since she left out of here! 

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