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Friday, April 28, 2017

Master Carpenter T-shirt

The last few days I have been working on this T-shirt layout. I am making this one for my husbands business. He owns and operates a cabinet shop here in the Edmond, OK area. For years he has asked me to make shirts, but I was overwhelmed and felt I needed more practice. This week practice smak-tice I am going to attempt this!

First shot I cut too deeply but I didn't want to waste my pieces so I pieced it all on to the shirt.  That is why you see all the strips of heat tape, I was trying to hold my design and all its pieces together. I wish I had not done that, because in the process of moving the shirt from one spot to another my pieces became unaligned. I attempted straightening during the process but it was too late. I should have fixed the issue by starting over so that my colors would each be on one full sheet nicely aligned and one time shot at removal.

 It still looks great even if it is a little off, which if my husband wasnt wearing it would drive him crazy to look at, good thing this shirt is for him! LOL!

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