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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Break A Leg

This card I designed for a friend who recently injured her leg. I seem to have had a few friends have either foot, leg or knee surgery in the last few months. I have a box full of scrap papers dating back to when my card making hobby began in 2008. With every card I make, I pick through my scrap paper stash and try to put together papers that one might not normally put together just to use up this large scrap stash. It seems to have worked out well so far. I still have a lot of papers to use up, but after the last few cards I have created by using my stash I am able to get the lid back on to the box again. Yay! 

For this card I handdrawn a leg, cut it out to wrap in ribbon, that was the hardest part of the entire process. Trying to find the right ribbon to look like a cast, most everything else I used in the card was already pre cut no trimming needed except the flowery paper had to be trimmed up evenly. I embellished with some heart and dragonfly stickers, added some little lines to show the flight path of the dragonfly. I found these tiny little flowers that I have saved from a punch I used and tacked them on with a dot of glue. I ended up putting a center dot of pink in each flower and added sparkly gems on each corner of the inside sentiment piece. 
I think it turned out ot be a fun colorful Get Well Soon card. 

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