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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Color Drop

Hello crafty friends! Today for the first time I refilled a few of my Copic markers. I had one issue where the tip was so dried out it was like a rock for a good hour until I decided I would just replace the tip. I searched high and low across the internet for my issue even posted a what to do question in Copic marker Facebook group, but after 20 minutes of my post going unanswered across the web my patience grew thin and that is when I reached the decision to just change out the tip. Within seconds the ink filled the tip and I was in business. Your probably wondering what it has to do with this posted picture. As you see in the pic there are polka dots all over image. Why? One of the markers I refilled today decided as soon as I was done using it to drop a droplet of ink onto my image. At first, I was like "Grrrrr", but then I just went for it and started putting polka dots everywhere!
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