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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

My daughter is going out tonight for New Years so I whipped her up a pair of New Years Eve glasses to take with her! 

Okay, for all you cutting machine users out there; I decided I would tell you how I made these. First off, I searched for New Years 2016 glasses on internet, I found this photo below

Using this photo, I imported into my Silhouette Cameo software; which is what I use most for my cutting machine projects these days. Once I had this picture in my library,I pulled it up on screen and using the trace feature, uncheck high pass filter box and click the trace option. Okay, so you will have a red outlined image similar to the one you have traced. I had to use my erase feature to remove the image of the stick protruding off the side, after it is removed you add in connecting lines to fill the space. At the top tool bar there is a option to offset, be sure you have clicked on image and then click Offset. Two options come up offset and internal offset, click offset. You will now have double red lines around your  image. Click the images and drag one away making sure that it is the original picture that you offset and delete it. You will now be left with your glasses to send to the cutting machine! Woot! 
I used a thick glitter paper and on first try the card stock option did not work, so I cut mine with the chip board setting and adjusted my blade to 5. Cut like a charm, I added the stick and there you have your first pair of New Years glasses for the festivities! Have Fun! 
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