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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Photo Tile Coasters

First print out pictures on tissue paper using painters tape to hold the tissue paper to a regular sheet of printer paper.

You will need cork, a tile, and a good adhesive to glue the cork to the back of the tile.

Cut the tissue paper pictures out and modpodge the tile then lay the tissue paper down and modpodge the top, do not put to much glue on it will cause the ink on tissue paper to run more. A thin layer of the mod podge, let dry about 20 minutes and place on two more coats allowing to dry in between. Once it has dried. You will need to seal with a Clear Acrylic water proof sealer. Allow 72 hours to cure. You did it! 

You will see behind this card I wrapped the tiles in floral fabric that I had on stash from flowers I have received in the past and this home made project is ready to give to family and friends!
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