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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Anysoldier Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall Card Swap

The 20 cards for the Anysoldier.com card swap are due at the end of September. I had some free time on my hands to whip up a set of 14 quick cards and get 6 out of my card stash that I have made over the past year. I will be sending these 20 cards to the Hostess of this swap and she will then sort them out to the other fine ladies and we will have a mixed set of cards to send to our soldier of our choice. I personally pick out a soldier from the list provided at Anysoldier.com and as they return home I pick out new soldiers out of the list to send their requested supplies along with the greetings cards from the swaps. 

I would love to have cards from every state of the USA to send in my packages and this is the next best thing. Most of the ladies and gents that participate in the swap are all across the countryside so it is really neat to have their letters and cards to send to that special soldier of choice. 

If you think your interested in helping out in some way feel free to contact me or go to Anysoldier.com!

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