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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Monkeying around with some yarn!

T-shirt Quilt

 So far the T-shirt Quilt I am making for a friend is coming together nicely!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A break from my Cricut

I am taking a small break from my Cricut to do other hobbies. I have been chosen to do a friends T-shirt Quilt. Did I mention I am a beginner at sewing.  I thought I would make a few quilt blocks to donate to the Anysoldier.com's Quilting Bee's. Just some basic squares for 5 different quilts they are putting together. I am hoping that by practicing with the sewing machine it will help some, before I take on the T-shirt quilt. I have already made 6 blocks. I thought I'd try appliqueing on a block. it was all going great until I needed to do some sewing around the edges with the machine. Anything and everything began to happen, to start off the needle just fell out.. that was weird. Then when I put it back together the thread kept breaking at the needle. I changed the entire spool of thread and bobbin. The top looked great! I thought I had it fixed then the thread on the back was a matted up mess! Now what? I threaded the machine over and over again.. till I finally decided to unwind the bobbin and rewind it again. It was fixed I finished my first applique! :) It is a bit messy.. I will need more practice!