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My Crocheting Angel

Mom, my crochet teacher.

My Crochet Teacher

My mother Leta, most of her friends called her "Dee" a nickname she was given because her sister could not pronounce L's when they were young and so she was called Deta. My mother ended up with the nickname Dee somehow along the way. This is my mother back in the 1970's  (1945 - 2002)

My mother always had a crochet hook in her hand for as long as I can remember, she taught me how to crochet. She taught me the basic chain at around 6 or 7 years old, I would make pig tail bows. She tried teaching me again later in life the single and double crochet stitch, but I didn't have the patience for making afghans. She never made anything but afghans and a few potholders. I had no idea there were so may crochet ideas besides those two.  In February of 2002, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. A year of ups and downs, we got the cancer, oh no we didn't, to giving us a timeline of how long we all had together. I decided I needed to learn all there is  from her and soak up her knowledge as much as I can. I tried to make an afghan, it was about 5 foot long and 20 rows in, she inspected my work, and immediately started pulling it all out to the beginning. She would then crochet it all over for me in 4 times the speed that it took me to get that far. It was so disappointing to me, that I could not figure out my tension or the stitches and  every time I thought I was figuring it out she'd rip it out to the beginning. I stuffed the project into a bag and didn't look at it again for years.  My mother had been working on a hand embroidered quilt for my daughter, I  took over that project.

 When she passed away and I inherited all of her yarn, I realized I needed to either donate the yarn or figure out how to use it. I didn't feel right donating it, I could see my mother giving me that look.  I started making an afghan with the left over yarn, having no idea different fibers of yarn were meant for different projects. The stash wasn't enough for an afghan at all so I turned it into a scarf.  I was informed I was going to be a great Aunt so I started on a real baby afghan with the left over baby yarn my mother had, it turned out great. After finishing the afghan, I was told my nephew and his wife did not want any more blankets, so I placed it in a box, the box I now refer to as the misfit box. I decided what the heck I will make another one for her first birthday, and I again placed it in the same box. The next two great nieces and nephews I made diaper cakes instead.

Around 2008, I started making what is called Amigurumi, a turkey, some pumpkins and a few ghosts. I loved making them so much! They were quick projects so the reward to my ego was quick too.  The search was on for little projects I could finish in a day. Since then I have tried a few different types of projects, and have really enjoyed picking up the hobby that my mother passed onto me. I am very thankful for all the years I had with her and the knowledge and strength she passed to me. She will always be in my heart, and she will always be with me in spirit every time I pick up the crochet hook. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Pipsqueak Yarn Baby Blanket
Baby Booties
Wreath Christmas Tree Ornaments

Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments

Stocking Christmas Tree Ornaments

4 leaf clover


Butterfly and duck magnets
Dog Sweater

1st Doggie sweater

Pot Holders

My 2nd Afghan


Crochet in rounds
Ghost & Pumpkin



Santa Misfit
Giraffe Misfit

Chocolate Bunny

Holiday Monkey Ornament



Sock Monkey

Praying Angel

1st Afghan

My first hat

Sock Monkey Bib- Crochet-A-Long

1st Afghan with Squares - Crochet-A-Long
Crochet Squares

Crochet Flowers
Heart Bookmark
 Gekko Bookmark
Santa Coaster

Owl Coaster

Owl Pouches




Knot Your Nana's Crochet A Long

1st Handbag- Crochet-A-Long

2nd Handbag - Crochet-A-Long


 Crochet Summer Camp 2013- 1st Slippers

 Crochet Summer Camp 2013- 1st Hand Mitts

Crochet Summer Camp 2013- 3rd Handbag

Crochet Summer Camp 2013- Cherry Potholder

CrochetSummer Camp 2013- Granny Squares
Crochet Camp 2013 - Flower Motif


Shamrock Coaster

Cowboy Booties

Diaper Cover

Toddler Winter Hat

My first attempt at these squares. As you can plainly see I have a hard time getting them square. I think if I would have made a couple more at the same time that maybe one out of three would have been square. It takes me a couple times to get things worked just right.

12 inch Granny Square
10 Petal Afghan Square
Waldo's Puzzle
Pineapple Granny 12 inch Pillow-ghan
 Squaring The Big Circle

Four 12" Shell Stitch



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