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Monday, January 29, 2018

Kitty Photo Shoot

While I was trying to make the bed, kitty was not having it. So I decided to grab my camera instead. I adopted this sweet loving boy July 2017 from Pets And People Human Society. I had lost my kitty to some type of food poisoning a few weeks before, and my hubby decided I needed a new kitty. It just so happened this fellow lost his mother due to some sort of illness. We kind of needed each other I suppose. He had spent about 2 months in the shelter system. He pretty much likes staying in bed or trying to get me to go to bed. His label had said he likes to brushed in bed. I think he pretty much loves being in bed in general. He is not a snuggle up in your lap kind of cat, he likes to lay beside you snuggle up in your arm for as long as you can leave your arm still.
When moving about the house he spooks very easily, so I nicknamed him Spooky. He seems to actually come to that name. The name he was given to me by Pets and People he doesnt even acknowledge. So I call him Spooky, or just kitty. What cat doesn't answer to be called kitty. :)

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