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Friday, November 3, 2017

Crochet Mini Stocking Ornament

Another fun filled crafty week! This week I decided to do some cleaning and reorganizing in the craft room/home office. It is so cluttered and it drives me crazy! I took a couple of days to hang out with family or friends. Yesterday, I had my daughter take me to a place called North Pole City in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma US. Oh I could spend the night in there on Christmas Eve, what fun it would be! Such a beautiful store. I was surprised I did not see one Peanuts related ornament, or Disney for that matter, but what I had seen blew my mind! So many beautiful decorations, trees all decorated, and the most beautiful light displays. My daughter moved out for the first time back on April 1st, so this will be her first, very own Christmas tree. She is so excited. She bought a few things,  but to add to her beautiful whimsical selections, I decided to whip up some many stocking ornaments for her tree. She is doing a red, white, and silver tree, and she was lacking in the reds, so hopefully she will like these for her tree.

 In 45 years of my lifetime, I had no idea how many people my mother taught to Crochet. Last year, at my Dads funeral I learned my Aunt Connie was also taught by my mother. I lived with my Dad for a year when I was 17, but we had holidays across the street at Uncle Billy and Aunt Connie’s home. I could arrive Christmas Eve, and my Aunt would somehow manage to have presents under her tree for me. They knew how to make a girl feel special. This particular year, good old 1989, my Aunt crocheted the cutest little stocking ornament in green for me, along with holiday hot pads, and a large stocking too! I still have that stocking today, but because of her, one of my first projects ever attempted were these adorable stockings. That was about 9 years ago, and here I am once again finally making a few more, but now in red. Aren’t they cute?

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