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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Digitized Brother SE-400 Weekend

Oh my word! What a weekend! My computer had a melt down a while back and I lost all of my machine embroidery software. I have spent most of my weekend searching the house, my computer files, as well as online for software to be able to digitize my friends design. My first attempt in red from his original design. It would have been great had all those threads not been running all over the head of the wolf and the lettering. So, I searched on. 

I found a free software. In the process of trying to get my image loaded into the software I used up all of my free trial uses and hadn't accomplished anything! That was nerve racking.

By some miracle. I tried another software that I had already tried once and just started fiddling with settings and it worked! My wolf head turned out like it was suppose to. So I added the text separately in a different font and it worked. The last step was to preview it in 3D.

It looks pretty good! The true test is putting it onto fabric, making sure it has the right stabilizers and all that jazz. There is so much to this I see why I have let my machine sit untouched for a few years. Unless you have big bucks to purchase all of your software, or don't mind using the cheesy free files they give you with your machine this hobby is not a lot of fun. :) 

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