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Monday, April 11, 2016

Lazy Daisy Fingerless Gloves

Finally the last set of instructions for the second beginner's crochet a long have been given in the Beginner's Crochet Group on Facebook.  We made these beautiful hand/wristers! I ended up with two pairs one pair that came out larger than the other so I gave them to a friend that has larger hands, I also gave her a matching ear warmer to go with them. This pair as of right now are added into my collection of items that I will either keep, sell or give away. 
When I decided on a crochet a long project for the group as I am the administrator, it was winter time here in Oklahoma. It is now Spring with high 80's on the ten day forecast. Oh well its still winter in some parts of the country! :)

Want to make one for yourself?


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