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Friday, December 4, 2015

Catty Crafters

I am taken back a little by the responses I received from my posting about a non-responsive seller in one of the Facebook groups I was (keyword was) a member of. One group actually wants to promote the old saying "if you have nothing nice say nothing at all" and they even stated to allow your fellow crafters to be ripped off and find out on their own rather than informing their fellow crafters of their experiences with the bad business practices of the vendors. The group shares files of svg's so it was a little disappointing to leave the group. But I cannot stay if I don't agree with their policy, I cannot stay in a group and stand by watching someone getting screwed over and stick my head in the sand it just isn't right. Not to mention how am I to know that they are not incahoots with the very business that is getting so many bad reviews. No THANK YOU! I cannot stand to see women sit around with their heads in the sand and act like the victims are the ones at fault for posting about their bad experience so that they can possibly find another way to contact the sellers since the seller was not responding to numerous emails and messages regarding the status of their order. It boils my blood for someone to actually say let the customers/fellow crafting friends be screwed over and find out on their own, are you kidding me??? 
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