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Monday, April 7, 2014

Surprise Mail!

Yesterday I finally returned home after a long day of errands to sit and relax. I start looking for my yarn to attempt a crochet graph pattern for first time ever. Instead I found this large pillow size package sitting in a chair hiding under a jacket. I have HAPPY mail? Did I forget to send someone a pillow from a pillow swap? I opened the package...

It's from @Vicki in my crochet swap group! I opened it. To my delight, I found inside was all of this yarn and an adorable Easter towel with handmade holder! I said it before and I'll say again.. I have the best most caring selfless online friends full of surprises, compassion, knowledge.. I am so thankful for you all! Thank you so much Vicki for yet another reminder just how thankful and blessed I am to have so many wonderfully sweet people in my life! It couldn't have come on a better day, i needed the pick me up!
I will cherish their friendship and most definitely pay it forward when I am able! Thank you so much, Vickie!
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