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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lucky Ducky

I had a friend need a little something special to take to a baby shower. I just so happened to still have a baby afghan I made that needed a home. I wanted to add a little something special so I searched all over the internet for a cute little duck to toss in with the afghan. I found one I REALLY liked but the lady was from Ireland and was not willing to share her special pattern with me due to the fact that she sells her ducks all around the world and told me I would be better off to buy one. As if! Yea I made sure to tell her that I do not buy anything that I can make myself. So the search went on I found another pattern for free at Ravelry.com, it was the Mini Ugly Duckling pattern I shortened the neck to make it more like I was looking for. The gift was given and enjoyed by all! Now I have been requested to make one for a friend who sales Aflac, and several other friends that would love to toss the little fellow in their children's Easter baskets. I am so happy that he turned out so cute and that I have been requested by so many to make more!

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