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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crochet Granny Square- January

Here it is my first attempt at January's 12 inch Granny square for the 2013 CAL or Crochet A long at Ravelry.com!

I thought since I have those special moments in life that I just want to chill on the couch and take my mind off of things that crocheting seems to work really well for me. During those times the family really wants your presence for a movie night, I take some crochet to occupy myself. While hubby almost always falls asleep during the movie I get some projects finished or learn some new crochet techniques.

I really thought doing the squares couldn't hurt, for the life of me cannot get any crochet projects to turn out square when needed and I always brush it off and say,  "oh well it's handmade!" One of these days I will give my projects away and I may change my thoughts on it all.  But for now we will see if I can hang with the Hookers, crochet hooking women that is... and see if I make it through 2013 with 12 new squares to turn into a blanket by next January!

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