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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Site Seeing With Flat Stanley!

Guess who is site seeing in Edmond,  Oklahoma? Why it is Flat Stanley visiting all the way from Indiana, courtesy of Zade. He's so excited to get started seeing our community that he was the first one out of the car! 

 First stop on the list since Edmond has several colleges but the one we will be passing by the most is the University of Central Oklahoma, UCO. We know how Flat Stanley loves music, his first stop the UCO Jazz Lab.

Oh Here comes someone now! Flat Stanley wondered if he knew how to play any instruments. Should he ask? He thought. He decided to keep on site seeing instead! There's so much to see!

Just a few blocks from the Jazz Lab is a historical marker that Flat Stanley wanted to see. The "First Schoolhouse" located at 124 E. 2nd Street. It is the first public schoolhouse in Oklahoma Territory in August, 1889. Miss Allie McCormick was the first teacher. School was taught at the school till 1899.

Flat Stanley posing in front of sign.

Mural Painting of a depiction of Edmond, Oklahoma in 1889

Flat Stanley at "The First Schoolhouse"
 Flat Stanley loved seeing the First School of Oklahoma Territory and the mural was so amazing. Not but a few feet away Flat Stanley spotted another Mural on Sherry's Drug Store. He seen Oklahoma Route 66 and decided he must travel down Route 66!

Doesn't he just look so happy to be in Edmond, Oklahoma! He wanted everyone reading to see what downtown Edmond looks like. On the left we have The Edmond Sun, and also there is the oldest commercial structure in Oklahoma County. The building was Peoples Bank and a first National bank at one time. It was a bank till 1956.  There is a historical plaque on the building that tells a brief history. If you take a stroll down the streets of downtown Edmond you can find plaques on many historical buildings. The plaques list the earliest businesses that resided in those present buildings.

 This amazing statue is dedicated to the 1st woman that jumped a train to stake her claim in Oklahoma Territory.

Next stop was the Train Depot Historical Marker, located west of Broadway and North of Second Street near the original train depot site.  The marker is inscribed with a short history of the railroad in Edmond and it's importance.

 It was so hot today, Flat Stanley wanted to go swimming when he heard that there was a water park in Edmond with slides and several pools he couldn't wait to get in the car and go there! So we headed to Pelican Bay Aquatic center. The gates were locked, the pools were drained, they are closed for the winter months. Were so sorry Flat Stanley! But he kept on smiling because he knew there were more places to see!

 Like a beautiful butterfly garden with waterfalls that we discovered on our way to see Spring Creek Park at Lake Arcadia. In June they have fun fishing events for kids and their Dads!

 Just a few miles North of this entrance to Lake Arcadia is Route 66! We took a drive East down the famous America's Highway with the Round Barn  off of Route 66 just a short drive from Edmond to the town of Arcadia.

Flat Stanley was having so much fun site seeing that he fell asleep in the car on the way to our next stop. We decided to call it a day and we will show him more of the Great State of Oklahoma later! Don't miss out on his next adventure!! Stay tuned!
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