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Friday, August 19, 2011

Crocheting with Pipsqueak

Pipsqueak yarn that is. While on our two week Colorado camping vacation I had decided after about a week that I needed a hobby while the hubby fishes. If I have to sit next to the Rio Grande river while he's wading up and down stream fly fishing I can only take so many photos of the same surrounding, know what I mean? So, the first chance I was able to buy some yarn and supplies to make a hat or baby booties I bought them, it ended up being at Wal-mart in Alamosa, CO on our first trip home. We decided to go back and stay another week.  Then I bookmarked every page on my Ipad thinking that when I returned to camp I will have so many projects to try. Yeah right. What was I thinking? There is no Wi-Fi at 11,000 elevation in the Rio Grande National forest. So I was forced to use my new fuzzy yarn, a yarn I had never seen used by anyone. Oh its so soft and cuddly.  I was forced to try and make the blanket project located on the skein of yarn. I am fairly new at crocheting and boy it was a little tough trying to understand the codes without my beginners guide. I muddled through the project and decided as long as I do the same stitch, that is if I can locate the chain holes and stitches with this extremely hard yarn for a newbie to try and work with. Above photo is where I am at so far. Unfortunately I misread the label and didn't buy enough skeins and after stopping at four retailers near to home searching for the yarn I ended up having to order it from the manufacturer online. My daughter seen my work I had finished and demanded I give this blanket to her. I had to tell her that I couldn't because one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met in my life meets us in Colorado to camp and she crochets the cutest hats and hand sews vintage bonnets. She gave me an adorable hat I will have to photograph my daughter when she is wearing it, it looks so cute on her! After many hours of talking to one another I wanted to return the favor to her next year when I see her again and I want to have this baby blanket finished, although she is not a baby she will use it as a lap quilt and snuggle with it on those cold Colorado mountain days while we are at camp. As much as she enjoyed the feeling of the yarn I know she will love this gift! I was hoping to do some crochet projects with her but my yarn choice was just to difficult for me to work with. I think I am doing pretty good so far but not sure how square it will be.. :D

Below is the view where I sat crocheting ... 

And yes I spotted wild life while I was crocheting. :D

 I think this guy escaped from a rancher but seemed to enjoy hanging out with us. 

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