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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Born on the 5th of July

Above is the before picture of my cake at 3 AM this morning. My hubby didn't take it to work with him and it was to hot for a cake day at the cabinet shop so I was left with the cake alone all day....

This is what happened to it afterwards. I took a trip to the Hobby store and found little fish candies and happy birthdays.. among many other items I didn't intend to purchase. I am so very proud of it! My step son is 20 so I need to look into more adult themed cakes but  he will always be our oldest kid! :)

To be honest we haven't had the best of relationships with his son, many lies told by the ex wife and the son to us and yet we are always the ones who seem to be dragged in the mud so to speak. I have been around since his son was 2 years old. And after all we have been through for me to even think about making the cake for him is already quite the shocker. It was hard for me to even let him walk away with it, I wanted a piece of it so badly!  We even talked about his mother would probably want to throw it away as soon as it gets there. I begged to differ saying she likes cake, who doesn't like cake? Well call me a liar because sure enough we receive a phone call and his son wants to speak to me. I get on the phone and he proceeds to tell me that my cake icing tastes like his Dad's cigars. How in the world this could even be possible when I was up till 3 AM icing the cake many hours after his father went to sleep. His father was already gone for work when I pulled the cake from the fridge to add the finishing candy touches. The 5 seconds his Dad looked in the cake box and was smoking a cigar while looking at the cake when he arrived home from work could not have possibly tainted the flavor of the butter cream icing. Could it? I feel it is another jab at my kindness towards them and their able to take the opportunity to make me feel upset. Especially when I had just mentioned making cakes to donate for foster children in foster homes. He wanted to make sure he informed me of my cakes before I go making them for others. I have already baked other cakes and not one person has said the cakes weren't delicious. To be honest as sweet as the butter cream icing is I don't know how one could taste anything other than the sugar. But apparently he said it was so bad he almost threw it up.

Now off to rearrange pictures before the hubby arrives home from work. Have to make room for my pictures I bought at 50% off!
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