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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado's on Your Birthday?!

Yesterday was my daughter's 17th birthday. Unfortunately, the evening was filled with Tornadoes and Thunderstorms. Normally the customer calls to cancel dinner reservations, but we actually had the restaurant where we had her birthday dinner planned call us and cancel. The entire state offices closed early at the request of our Governor. It was an intense storm with ferocious tornadoes. There was no way you could survive if you were not under ground it seemed although some thankfully made it through. Homes, business, vehicles gone like they vanished from the earth. The debris left behind was an enormous trail spreading across the state of Oklahoma. A church that had been demolished by the storm News reported that their checks and some papers were found 50 miles away! Nothing scares me more than a Tornado. There is nothing you can do to control it from destroying your homes, pictures your most treasured memorabilia. We were lucky it did not come into our town as it was first predicted, but so many were not so fortunate. A 3 year old boy still missing at this time, and the same family were told this morning their 18 month old died from injuries, while the mother and a 5 year old daughter are in critical condition. A very sad day.
Since our plans did not go well for celebrating my daughter's birthday we had to reschedule it for today, but I think her 17th birthday will be one to remember. I thought the birthday cake with the tornado was a perfect photo to use for this post. This is not her birthday cake, she doesn't much care for cake, she always requests cheesecake. So today is a do over and it is expected to be a VERY nice day.
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