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Saturday, May 14, 2011

High School Graduation

Today has been a great day! My son's Graduation was at 10 AM, and that started my day off perfectly! I woke up at 6 AM put the coffee on for my husband, let my pom poms out and then I got ready to go. By the time I was finished totally figuring out what I was going to wear and what not, it was 7:30 AM. I woke my daughter up so she could take her hour to get ready and when I returned to the master bedroom my husband was awake, well barely. He was bumping into walls you would have thought he was a drunk man. I think he stayed up to late the night before. I didn't mind it brought on the first laughter of the morning. :D He was pleased I had coffee ready! What a good wifie poo! I even ironed my daughter's dress while she got ready. By a quarter till 9 my son lets me know he is actually supposed to be downtown OKC at 9 AM, lining up. We still had to drive 30 minutes out of our way to pick up his girlfriend. We are almost to the Cox Convention Center and my son says uh oh it almost 9:45 we walk in at that time. I am panicked by this time but keeping my cool. We drop my son off at the front of the place and we proceed to get parking all the while I am worrying if my son made it on time. We find our seats, and if it weren't for the brilliant mastermind who thought of the graduates taking a tour around the stadium I would have worried up till they called his name on stage. But I seen him in the line when they walked them all the way around the auditorium and was so relieved. He made it. What a wonderful feeling of overwhelming happiness knowing your first born, one and only son has finally made it through high school. He was so stubborn all the way through. But we finally made it to this point. Thank You!

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