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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TIE Tuesday!!!

Take It Easy! It's Tuesday! 
 You still have all week to get things done. I have been taking it easy today so has The Pom Squad. Today is a great day. Today is when the Amvets come by and pick up your unwanted clothing or housewares. I have two 30 gallon bags to give. I know I could have had much more if I had went through closets yesterday instead of celebrating TIE Tuesday a day in advance. I am somewhat of a pack rat, I cling to items that were given to me even if I have no use for them. They were a gift and since I do not have the actual people in my life as much or if at all I tend to hang onto material items as a way of remembering our time together. Whether it be an old friend, a parent miles away or even a grandparent who has passed.

I have one or two items in my possession that I have dreamed about. I know it sounds weird but one item in particular was in a dream. I didn't think about it after the dream until one day I had stopped at an Antique shop or might have been a garage sale with a friend and I seen this item. Because I knew I had seen it before in a dream I felt I must buy it. I don't know why or if it has a special meaning but I have kept it safe up on a shelf ever since. So today I feel great about getting rid of some stuff, I love Spring and it really puts me in the spirit of cleaning out the old and refreshing my surroundings, which refreshes my soul.

I hope you are getting a taste of some of the beautiful Spring weather in your part of the world. Happy Tuesday!
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