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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proms & Graduations

What have I been up to since my last posting? First off, my daughter brought her first boyfriend home to be approved by Dad so that she can be aloud to hang out with him. Her father is very protective of her. She had already been invited to Prom and hadn't even brought him over for approval. It was a stressful day or two. But we made it through. He has been approved so far by her father as long as he stays on Dad's good side we wont have any problems. We went shopping for my daughter's first Prom dress and shoes this week. I wish I could say it was so much fun! But my daughter is so unsure of herself that it will wear on your nerves after a while, but I try to stay positive but when I find something she looks absolutely adorable in and it's on sale I can't resist my excitement! I think that's what threw her off. I wasn't panic stricken so she didn't want the dress till her friends text her with their approval. We left the store empty handed.

I was sick to my stomach she has 3 weeks to get a dress and there just isn't any knock down gorgeous dresses this late in the search. We tried second hand shops and almost every formal apparel store in the vicinity and nothing. I found a store online that she had looked in locally with the most fabulous dresses they were pricey but I was struck by the rose colored glass Prom bug and was going to do what I could to get this dress at $400, I know CRAZY!! It is her first Prom, even if it isn't her Prom. There was no way I was ordering online this late in the game so I sent an email requesting info on how I can get them to order the dress and let her try it on before we buy it. I received no reply. That summed up how I would feel about the customer service at Serendipity. We did not proceed with shopping with them. Instead my daughter received her text from her friends that she looked good in the dress that I thought she looked so beautiful in and  her friend told her she should get it.  It was the only one of two in that style left and the only one in her size she even considered. Plus it was marked down that morning from $300 to $99! I had expected to spend at least 2 - 300 for a dress, but never thought I would get shoes and a dress for less than $300! By this time we were already eating dinner at home. But as soon as we finished we hopped in the car and boogied down to the store and bought her shoes and the dress. She will look gorgeous and everyone is happy!

Today, my son and I went to order his cap and gown for high school graduation. We have been searching for class rings as well. I completely never thought about him wanting a class ring. I guess he didn't think about it till today.  I know I am going to cry like a baby at his graduation. This would be his Senior Prom that my daughter is attending. My son refuses to take his girlfriend to Prom. I keep telling him his girlfriend would love to go and he knows but just doesn't want to take her. I am saving money there I guess. Lol!
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