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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TIE Tuesday

Takin' It Easy Tuesday! The Pom Squad loves me today!! I was craving a cheeseburger as I grabbed my keys and let the squad go outside and get their last potty break before I leave. I noticed they aren't really going potty they are looking at me rattling my keys in my hand. I looked at the youngest Bambi she gives me that look she knows I am fixing to leave and I better be taking her in the car ride this time. I can't pass up her puppy browns. I unlocked my car let 2 of them run out to the car Jellybean & Jinxy, something I would never do if THE BOSS was home, he would freak!! lol! I put them on the blanket I spread across the back seat since it is leather and I don't want my Pom poms to be slip and sliding little fur balls. I went back in and little Bam-bam was just sitting so pretty waiting for me to pick her up. She was so cute! You should have seen them! The girls were lounging while Beanie had his head hanging out the window the whole way. He loves car rides and barking at un-wanteds. We took a cruise through Sonic and the car hop even brought them a plain cheeseburger to share. ;) 

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