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Friday, March 4, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I think I may have broken records today, for the shortest time ever spent on a design team. Yes that's right I have already been kicked off of the design team at Simply Scrapping Crafts. Why you may ask? Well it wasn't because of any designs I made because if it weren't for two girls on the head spots of their design team there would be no challenges to even take part in. But as I said I was asked by Judy of SSC to be on her team and she asked me what team I would feel comfortable in, I mentioned the card challenge and was told to contact Clare. After repeated personal messages to Clare and no response I proceeded to find out which team will I get to be on? I was accessing the sketch design team group so even though I prefer to not make scrapbooks that is where I ended up for a few weeks, doing at least 6 sketches and none of them being shown as design team member sketches but I proceeded to make more of them for Scrapbook team. All the while trying to find my place at SSC trying to help get it going again but kind of hard when the one in control of the site continues to go MIA and drags her feet, whether it be health related or not with all those girls just sitting in the design team group waiting to do something, anxious to get their teeth into their design team group. It seemed she rather drag things out rather than delegate anyone to get that site going quicker. All I did wrong was lend an ear and share my issues with others that were having the same issues of not being replied to, not knowing if Clare or Judy was receiving any messages from me or a few other members that had contacted me, because no one had respect enough to tell any of us until we already figured things out on our own then she steps in like she told someone to do this or that. When we were volunteering ourselves and talking amongst ourselves as to where we would like to be and what we would like to do. Apparently asking a fellow design team member for help was not the answer because then I was written a lengthy letter and I was told I was talking about her and it will not be tolerated. This was true I was talking about her, why wouldn't I? I am a part of a web site that I felt was going nowhere as I put it to her stagnant. I put it to another team leader that it was like being at a restaurant and waiting to get your water do you keep waiting knowing the service will be bad or leave, I was contemplating leaving if I did not feel comfortable anywhere. Judy tried to say she had to get the copic group going first because they are paying customers, I was a paying customer I had paid for classes and  yet everyone in those forums as well were requesting the same thing and all the while no responses until another lady stood up to the plate and took some initiative, letting everyone know the continued excuses of why this or that isn't working. Their invites will be resent or whatever. I was beginning to think the only way to get a response from Judy was if you had her telephone number because that is what I have learned by just reading the responses and statements from others. But guess what I found a way to get a response out of her and that is ask someone else for help and discuss with them how your leader has to much on her plate and should shit or get off the pot! By golly you will get a response a long lengthy delusional response but hey it's a response!
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