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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Rough Monday

Today has been such a hard day. To start the day off I was awakened by my new sweetheart of a kitten, his claws going into my eyelid. The stinging took a while to get used to before falling back to sleep then having to wake up to take my son to school. Right as we were about to go out the door we hear a loud crashing and apparently the kitten decided he would try to climb up the cord to my Scentsy Hot melted wax pot and dumped it all over my antique sewing machine. I was happy that when I returned from taking my son to school a hairdryer seemed to work fabulous for the clean up. But just before vacuuming the large wax chunks from the carpet, I found my husband in the bathroom hovering over the toilet vomiting blood. I was in shock to say the least! He has had an episode like this once before over a year ago he says this time wasn't as bad. I hadn't seen the last time but this is scary stuff. He took it easy today but will definitely have to have an Endoscopy to find out how severe and to get this bleeding ulcer cured. After he settles down we get a call that one of the guys in the shop was injured from the table saw. My son comes home from school and tells me he spotted what looked like a little blood in his urine, my daughter comes home with an aching tooth and is complaining of a tooth ache. I am so frazzled. I am happy to say this day is almost over.
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