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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines with my Sweetie

One of my good friends works at a steak house, Gage's in Historical Guthrie, Oklahoma. I love Guthrie, OK it is like stepping back in time. I wish the city had more money to restore the buildings in a historical manner. I wish the people that worked in the buildings had to dress like that era it would really give the impact I would hope for in a historical city. But it is still an amazing looking town. It was originally to be the state capital of Oklahoma but it was disputed and Oklahoma City was set in the center of state. I had Oklahoma History class but to be honest I would have to research the exact details and I'm busy writing this blog so that's not happening... lol!

So on to my wonderful Valentines Day, my friend had us at one of the 3 best tables in the restaurant the window seat, when you look out the window you want to sing the theme song for Cheers "Where Everybody knows your name"... I think everyone new one another in the restaurant but us...lol!  It is one of those type of towns I think where everyone really does know everyone's names. 

The view outside of the window was one of those old iron stair railings from up above and then with the historical building from across the street lit up with lights framing the tops of each oval window that looked awesome, I'd have to say it was a great seat! 

Our reservations were set for 7:30 We arrived a little early and my sweet friend looked like she was bouncing off the walls. Due to it being valentines day several people had called in leaving her to wait on half the restaurant. I felt so bad for her. She truly was working like a dog she had already been there since noon. 
I tried a few wines hoping to find one I like and we ordered the lobster & steak dinner w/salad and for dessert Long stemmed strawberry tuxedo's. The lobster was amazing! The steaks a little small, but it was still a wonderful meal. The bread oh my it tasted like it was fresh from the oven! Along with dinner, the owner of Gage's, I wonder if his name is Gage, any how the owner passed out a rose to each of the ladies. At first I noticed all the older ladies were getting one and I was beginning to wonder if I wasn't yet of that age to get a rose...lol! But as soon as I mentioned it to my husband during our dinner you know who popped up from behind me with a rose. No warning from my sweetie letting me know the guy is walking up. We have been married 17 years and still he has some learning to do... :)

After the romantic dinner, we headed home and watched some of my favorite Valentines themed TV shows that aired while we were out.  Before I new it I was exhausted and we were off to bed. I still thought it was a great evening, even if my hubby had no stories to brag about with the guys....lol!

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