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Friday, February 25, 2011

17 Years of Marriage!

Myself, before the wedding, running late as usual.

Mr. & Mrs.
17 years of marriage today.. To start off, I have had to check and make sure my hubby is still breathing every day since Monday because he chose to not go to the hospital. I am used to hearing him snore but if he isn't snoring I am scared. It has had me a nerved out mess, yesterday my husband had to shut the entire cabinet shop down because there are so many roof leaks in his new shop it is unsafe to even work in, today my anniversary and my window decides it is time to fall down. 

Supposed to have a romantic dinner with the hubby tonight had plans to go get hair/nails done today so I could look extra purdy, but oh well thats scratched he will have to deal with the way I am. I look like what I refer to as a "Wanda" which is a hag and unkempt. No offense to any Wanda's out there in the world. I feel like a major basket case this morning you'd think it was the end of my world but it has just been such a hard week for me, I'm mentally/ physically exhausted. Unfortunately you only look as good as you feel, I new I should have went and had my hair cut yesterday... UGH! If I looked good already then even with the bottom falling out from under me I could feel good about it.
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