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Friday, December 10, 2010

Flat Stanley get's his kicks on Route 66!!

 First off Flat Stanley, my daughter and I went to my local post office and mailed my handmade Christmas cards.
We all know how much Flat Stanley likes his music. Next stop was just south of Historic Route 66 the UCO Jazz Lab!

Just around the corner on Boulevard and to the north is the Edmond Historical Museum! Do you see Flat Stanley hiding in the bushes? 

 Flat Stanley wanted to know where we could find books about him in our community. So our next stop was the Edmond Library.
 We decided to turn east and head toward the University of Central Oklahoma UCO but on our way we found Shannon Miller Park. Two time Olympic Gold medalist who lived & trained in the very city of Edmond. This Park is dedicated to her.

 Flat Stanley just really liked the look of that church! Our next stop is what I call the Clock Tower, but it is known as the Old North building This is where they launch our Independence day fireworks, it is an amazing show!

 The Christmas lights look so festive at the campus!
 We decided to drive east down Historic Route 66 just outside of Edmond is the town of Arcadia. But first Flat Stanley seen signs for swimming and camping. Although it is winter and to cold for swimming there were still people in their campers. Flat Stanley took a look at the view.

 We made it into the town of Arcadia and the Historic Route 66 landmark The Arcadia Round Barn, built in 1898.

 We were losing daylight and tummies were growling so on the way back west to Edmond we stopped in for a special bite to eat and a delicious bottled  soda. Mine was a Shirley Temple, but you betcha I brought home a 6 pack variety of flavors to try!

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