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Sunday, October 10, 2010


We were expected to leave in 7 days.  It seemed like fate that we were supposed to be on this cruise. Our room number was our wedding date scrambled. My husband and I never talked about going on a cruise until this last Summer. We were camping with a camping group when someone had mentioned that they had returned from a cruise and wanted to get together for a cruise instead of camping. We thought,  "why sure it sounds like it would be a lot of fun." When we returned home my hubby realized he new several people through work that had been on cruises and before we new it we were going on a cruise sooner than we had planned. As the days were nearer to departure my hubby being the business owner he is began to stress about leaving when work is going so well. He decided we should hold off until next year. I was extremely nervous, but yet very excited about going on a cruise for the first time in my life. I went shopping for what I called cruise wear. I was ready to go, have my passport, all I need is a suitcase! So I thought. I needed someone besides myself  to tell my hubby that it will be okay if we go out of town. Business will be fine. We will only be gone a week. But there was no one telling him. 
So as the days get closer to departure the search to find someone to fill in for us continues. We will not get a refund but can have the names changed on our tickets for a fee. It seems everything is pointing us in the direction that we should go now. But for some reason my husband isn't feeling right about it. Unfortunately now that we have already paid 1700 to reserve our room Carnival Cruise lines would not let us reschedule the dates for a later time, and even though we found another couple to go in our place all that would be needed to do is change the names for the room and Carnival Cruise lines will not change but one person's name for the room, which leads us to our 1700 donation to  Carnival Cruise Lines. Geez I hope they enjoy the empty room and the money they are losing by not allowing us to change the dates or the names of the occupants. I have never been on a cruise and after this fiasco I WILL NEVER CRUISE CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES!!
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